Know Your Library: Free Wi-Fi

Did you know that Muhlenberg County Public Libraries offers FREE Wi-Fi service not just inside the library but also outside our buildings when we aren’t open for business?
We provide free, high-speed Wi-Fi for our community members who need to access the Internet for work, school or other essential purposes.

Inside our library buildings, any visitor can easily connect to our wireless Internet. All you have to do is select the network from the list on your device, agree to the Internet Usage policy that pops up on the screen, and begin browsing — no password needed.

If we are closed, however, you can still make use of our high-speed Wi-Fi! Our outdoor Wi-Fi service (available in the rear parking lot of each library building) does require a password, but if you are on a data-enabled device, such as a smartphone, you can find the current password by clicking “I Agree” on our Internet Usage Agreement at

If you are using a laptop or other device that is not capable of using mobile data to visit the site linked above, you can still locate the current password on signs posted near our doors.

Please note that all users of our Internet services must comply with the linked Internet Usage Agreement. Use of these services constitutes agreement with our policies, even if you have not specifically clicked the “I Agree” button. Failure to comply with these policies will result in the loss of privileges.

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