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Young Artist Showcase Winners

Congratulations to all of the students who had art included in the Young Artist Showcase at Thistle Cottage, and special congratulations to the ribbon winners at the show!
The Young Artist Showcase is an annual exhibit co-sponsored by Muhlenberg County Public Libraries and the Muhlenberg Arts Council.
The show features Muhlenberg County students in grades K-8. Artwork is chosen by art teachers at the elementary and middle schools (a maximum of 10 pieces per grade from each school) to be displayed at Muhlenberg County Public Libraries’ Thistle Cottage during the month of March. All participants receive a certificate in honor of being chosen for the show. An anonymous local arts professional also reviews the work, and ribbons are awarded for the top pieces per grade.
A list of students who earned ribbons is featured below.


Young Artist Showcase Award Winners


1.) Nate Bivins (Greenville Elementary School)
2.) Cruz Melton (Greenville Elementary School)
3.) Sydney Cottrell (Longest Elementary School)

First Grade:

1.) Clay Haley (Longest Elementary School)
2.) Virginia Tomasic (Longest Elementary School)
3.) Hank McGill (Longest Elementary School)

Second Grade:

1.) Colt McGhee (ACT Christian Academy)
2.) Kaitlyn Green (Longest Elementary School)
3.) Maci Watts (Greenville Elementary School)

Third Grade:

1.) Lydia Bivins (Greenville Elementary School)
2.) Antawn Schroader (Greenville Elementary School)
3.) Paisley O’Neal (ACT Christian Academy) (TIE)
3.) Jagger Knowles (Muhlenberg South Elementary School) (TIE)

Fourth Grade:

1.) Trace Short (Longest Elementary School)
2.) Wes Putnam (Longest Elementary School)
3.) Abby Haley (Longest Elementary School) (TIE)
3.) Matthew Harper (Muhlenberg South Elementary School) (TIE)

Fifth Grade:

1.) Valik Bates (Greenville Elementary School)
2.) Adrianna Gomez (Muhlenberg South Elementary School) (TIE)
2.) Kaiden Demond (Greenville Elementary School) (TIE)
3.) Tarry Stanley (Longest Elementary School)

Sixth Grade:

1.) Teela Howe (Muhlenberg South Middle School)
2.) Julia Wood (Muhlenberg North Middle School) (TIE)
2.) Sophia Cornette (Muhlenberg South Middle School) (TIE)
3.) Kensley Pentecost (Muhlenberg South Middle School)

Seventh Grade:

1.) Lexie Smith (Muhlenberg South Middle School)
2.) Lillian Camaal (Muhlenberg South Middle School) (TIE)
2.) Ada Camaal (Muhlenberg South Middle School) (TIE)
3.) James Short (Muhlenberg North Middle School)

Eighth Grade:

1.) Sarah Boggess (Muhlenberg South Middle School) (TIE)
1.) Savannah Page (Muhlenberg North Middle School) (TIE)
2.) Aihsa Hutson (Muhlenberg South Middle School)
3.) Aribella Casebier (ACT Christian Academy)

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