Know Your Library: Mango Languages

Did you know that Muhlenberg County Public Libraries offers free access to Mango language-learning software?

Mango has easy-to-follow lessons for over 70 languages!

Mango focuses on conversational language, rather than simply teaching the user vocabulary words. Mango’s teaching style will prepare you to have a normal conversation with a native speaker of the language you choose to learn.

Languages offered include Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Mandarin and many more. You can even learn to speak Shakespearean English or Pirate, just for fun!

You will need a set of headphones or speakers to use Mango. The resource offers audio guides of words and sentences so you can learn to pronounce them correctly. A microphone is also helpful so you can utilize their voice comparison tool; you can repeat words or phrases and Mango will assess your pronunciation for you.

To get started using Mango, visit And for more information about how to use Mango, you can watch our video tutorial at or!

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