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DVDs / Videos check out for one (1) week. All other items check out for two (2) weeks.

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What should I do if I lose my library card?

Contact any Muhlenberg County Public Library location and report the card lost so you will not be responsible for fraudulent check outs under your name. A note will be placed on your account requiring a photo ID before the account can be used. A set of replacement cards can be obtained at either location for $2.00.

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How do I renew my items? How many times can I renew them?

You can renew your items by phone, by email or in person at either library location. Items may be renewed a maximum of three (3) times with the exception of DVDs and items with reserves in place which may not be renewed.

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How much are overdue and lost item fines?

Overdue fines are five (5) cents per day, per item for printed and audio materials, and may accrue to $1.00 per item. Overdue fines for DVDs are fifty (50) cents per day and may accrue to $5.00 per item. For lost items or items irreparably damaged, the patron will be charged for the list cost of the material, plus a fee for processing. The lost item fine is $3.00 on books under $15.00 list price, $10.00 on any video cassette, $3.00 on any single DVD, $10.00 on fold-out DVD sets, $3.00 on any audio cassette or book or music CD, $2.00 on lost bar code, $2.00 on lost or damaged book jacket cover, $3.00 on lost bag from kits.

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Where can I return my items?

Items can be returned during library business hours to either Harbin Memorial Public Library in Greenville, KY or Central City Public Library in Central City, KY. After hours book drops are available at both locations near the front doors, near the back entrance to Central City Library and in front of Stewart’s Foodliner in Beechmont, KY. When returning DVDs, CDs and other audio-visual materials make sure to put them in the correct audio-video drop slot. At Central City this is only available in the rear entrance box.

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Can I get a library card if I don’t live in Muhlenberg County?

Out of county cards can be purchased for a fee of $25.00 per year. Patrons who work or own property in Muhlenberg County may obtain a library card free of charge.

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How can I give the library feedback?

Comment cards are available in both locations. In addition you can use our Contact form online.

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How can I reserve a meeting room?

Each library has a meeting room available for public use. The meeting rooms are for non-profit / business groups. The meeting rooms are free of charge. Call the library location needed to reserve the room. A form / rules is to be read and filled out by the person making the reservation.

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What should I do if I lose or damage an item owned by the library?

Any lost or damaged items should be reported to the library as soon as possible. If the damage is extensive, the cost of the item, plus any processing fee will be charged to the patron’s account. All lost items will be charged to the patron’s account.

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What is an Inter-Library Loan?

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is a service the allows patrons to obtain books the library doesn’t own. The book must be at least one year old before the library can make the request. Normally, an ILL book request will be available in about 2 weeks, although it may take longer.

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How do I request an ILL?

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) requests can be made at the library circulation desk or by using the online Contact form. Please provide the correct title and author of each item. A total of 4 ILL requests can be made at one time. Also provide the correct telephone number or email address for notification when the item has been received and the preferred pick-up library location.

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How old does my child have to be to get a library card of his or her own?

Any child, regardless of age can apply for a library card. Children under the age of sixteen must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign for the library card. Children over the age of sixteen must bring proof of age and residence with them to obtain an adult library card.

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The item I want is checked out. How do I place a hold?

Any item besides DVDs / Videos that have been checked out may have a hold placed to reserve it. Holds can be placed in person at the circulation desk or by online request. When the requested item is returned to the library, you will be notified by phone or email when the item is available.

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Does the library have a fax machine for public use?

The Library does provide fax service to the public and both locations. The cost is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.

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Does the library accept donations?

The library accepts donations of books, videos / dvds, and magazines. If requested, a receipt will be issued for the number of items donated. A monetary amount will not be listed.

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How can I request the library purchase an item?

To request an item the library does not own, ask the circulation desk. The staff will document the request and if we have several people request the same item, the library will purchase the item. Requests can also be made using our online Contact form.

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Does the library have driver’s manuals?

Each library location has driver’s manuals for checkout. However, due to the popularity of these items they are nearly always checked out or have been lost. Each library will print manuals from the internet and charge for printing service. A regular driver’s manual is $7.00; CDL manual is $12.00; Motorcycle manual is $5.00. We will also make available the web address for patrons to print their own manual or read the manual online for free.

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Does the library have tax forms?

The public library does NOT carry tax forms. We can provide the website address to download forms. If the exact form numbers are known, staff members can assist with printing. Normal printing charges apply.

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Can the library help me with my resume?

Each library location has an abundance of books to help write a resume. On our public use computers, there are also templates to be used to create resumes. Our library staff can help you get started with a resume, but we cannot fill out the resume for you.

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Does the library have old newspapers?

Each library location retains copies of newspapers. The Messenger/Inquirer and the Louisville Courier Journal are retained for a period of 2-3 months. The Leader-News and Times-Argus newspapers are retained for a period of 6 months or until an electronic version is obtained. The Local History Annex has electronic or microfilm versions of the local newspapers that go back to the 1930s.

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Can I print items from library computers?

Information may be printed from the library computers at a charge of $.20 cents per page. If you are unsure about the information to be printed, please ask for assistance. You will be charged for all pages printed, even those you didn’t really want or need.

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Does the library have notary service?

Each library has free notary service available to the public. Remember to bring a photo ID and do not sign the document until you are before the notary.

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Does the library have photocopiers for the public?

Each library has a staff operated photocopier available to the public. 8 1/2 x 11 copies are $.20 cents each. Front and back copies are $.25 cents. Legal size copies are $.25 cents. 11 x 17 copies are $.30 cents. Transparencies can be copied for $.35 cents. All copies are black and white only.

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